August 2016 / by Alison Zimmerman

Hello there, friendly lovers of coffee! We are currently in the midst of some heavy road construction, but are still here with open arms and new specials every week until the orange cones are gone! We are getting closer and closer to a major remodel which will close our doors for a number of days, but the end result will be totally worth it. Updated restrooms, a much-needed kitchen makeover, faster service, and an upgrade to our kid-friendliness. Possible delivery is in the works, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that! We are so excited to be able to improve our working area to make food prep a lot easier and a lot faster, while using less microwaving and more fresh foods. We are trying to deliver health-conscious practices to our patrons that we hold fast to at home. Stay tuned on our Facebook Page for the most recent updates on this exciting project!